Don’t Let One Christmas Ruin Them All

Christmas is a magical time of fun and family.

People look to holy books and remember “peace on earth” and “good will towards men.”

But one year, everything got turned around: chaos reigned and bad will seemed to prevail.

We’ve had so many beautiful memories of Christmas though.

Once, we went out to dinner and to look at the lights.

Another year, I dolled you both up in gorgeous dresses and curled your hair.

In Christmases to come, we’ll wake up and drink coffee together.

Our slippers will touch as we sit close together on the sofa. We’ll open presents with glee and make dinner together in the overheated kitchen.

A few Christmases apart will make no difference.
We are the kind of love that picks up right where we left off.
Merry Christmas! – The Sketchy Scribe