Cruise Over Whenever You Can/Want

I want you to know, I do understand.  In fact, I understand very much why I haven’t heard from you.

My boyfriend and I broke up last September.  He’s not a bad fella, but he simply does not know what he wants. Now, he misses me and wants me back – again – but I’m not going for it.  It’s hard to stay away from someone you care about.  But if the relationship is toxic, you have little choice.

He says all the nicest things when he’s trying to get me back.  But as soon as I’m hooked, he starts questioning everything and I start walking on egg shells.

You see, I REALLY do understand.  It takes some time to gain the confidence to say,” I deserve better.”

I’m still struggling to say this.  I dream of getting married and having a holy covenant between my sweetheart, God and myself.  This man can/will never give that to me.

I must keep walking.  But it’s hard.

Picking you gals up also helped me.  You both kept me away from a lot of the bad guys.  And I can’t tell you how many times your company mended my broken heart.

My love for you does not end.  My love for you endures.  I’ll help you whenever and wherever I can.  I don’t want to come over there and make anymore cause for a scene.  You both don’t need to see that.  In the mean time, KNOW that I love you and I understand.  Really.  ? And remember: