Your Colorful Heart


I Love Your Colorful Heart

Red is for the very core of you. Your survival in this harsh world depends upon your trusting of things you can control : yourself. Don’t forget your inner strength.

Orange for the relationship we have together. We love each other so, but it is a healthy love that is unconditional, a love you can count on.

Yellow for the power inside every human to determine their own destiny. Choices are everywhere, if you know how to see them. Look carefully and you will see that they are in abundance.

Green for the great lushness of love I will always have for you. Like a bee that flits from flower to flower in a great field of flowers, that is my love for you.

Blue for everything we cannot say at this time. But silence only INCREASES the greatest heart’s song.

Indigo for God’s love. For the beginning of really knowing that your Heavenly Father exists and loves you all the way to the end of the universe, and back again. 🙂

And finally Violet for complete understanding, complete surrender and unconditional love of Heavenly Father, Family, Friends and You. You are apart of a great and holy design. Like this colorful heart, you brighten up our world.