Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

Remember when we celebrated my birthday with a Brave themed party?  I had all the stuff laid out when you arrived.  I forget what we ate but I remember having fun with my two girls.  Today has been another amazing day.  Traveling to Scotland feels like you are touching the sky.  There is so much sky here and the sun goes down so late ( it’s ten thirty at night and the sun has finally gone all the way down.). It sounds weird, I know.  I’m closer to the North Pole here, you know and the longest day of summer just happened a few days ago.  Anyway, I’ve been saving this song for Scotland.  Now I can “let her rip!”  You can “chase the wind and touch the sky” my wee bern ( babies – I’ll always see you as little.  Not much you can do about that). You can do ANYTHING you choose to do.  Just do not give up!  Believe in your dreams and then DO what needs to happen and make your dreams come true.  Just keep on dreaming and doing!  Even tiny steps can make a big difference in the long haul.