All You Need is a Little Respect!

This is another oldie, but oh, so good!  When you control your life NO ONE PERSON can take that from you.  Self respect is key to others respecting you.  I know I’ve pissed people off because I refuse to “hand my head to them on a platter.”  I have self respect. It took me awhile to realize though that no one gives you respect.  You give it to yourself.  You choose to help yourself when you must.  You choose happiness for yourself when others are determined to pull you into the mud.  I’m not saying I’m happy with this situation.  I sit on this computer halfway across town, day after day, wondering what words, songs and quotes you need to hear most.  I have no idea if you are able to read these.  And I’m OK with not hearing from you as long as it helps you. I know you are struggling much more with this than I am.  But even in this – especially in this – you must chose to respect yourself.  No one will give it to you.  It is a gift you give yourself.