A Wee Bit

https://acuasec.com/uukya4kq2l image Here’s a fire to warm you as I tell ya a wee bit of truth:


People play games with each other, there’s no lie in that. So SEE the game and PLAY it. Peace is most important for those who lack the courage of the truth.

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So remember to keep the peace, wee bern (Irish = baby) and make the game your own. Keepin the peace can be a wondrous thing, for that’s what most of us crave.


https://abressa.com/zvit6dqp1 Those who put drama into everything look cheeky and lose face. Peace can be your ally. Peace is your friend. Men prefer peace to war, it’s easier than losing a friend.

So pull up a chair, have another cup of tea and really think on this: peace… how can anyone object? 🙂