Where Are You Christmas?

Aunt Bee loves Christmas.  But she’s a bit bummed lately as folks around are not ready to get into the Christmas spirit.  I told her to just enjoy her love of Christmas and just forget about those other folks. You’ve gotta just decide not to let others spoil your fun, whatever it is.  It is literally a decision away. You’ve gotta decide “I love_________________________!  And I’m not letting anyone take that away!” NO ONE can “take things from you, unless you allow them.  I think Eleanor Roosevelt said something similar,  And you KNOW how much, we on Sketchy Scribe, love her?!

Therefore, in honor of Eleanor Roosevelt, Aunt Bee and those who love Christmas super early, your beloved cosmic VJ presents you with Faith Hill’s “Where Are You Christmas?” Enjoy!

P.S. I love Christmas too!  🙂