What’s It Like to Live With Big Bro?

Order Xanax Bars Online Well, he’s not here very much, if you wanna know the truth.  I get up in the morning and he’s still sleeping.  I go to work.  He gets up later and goes out with his friends.  When I get home from school, he’s usually gone.  Sometimes he texts me that he’s coming home around 8-9pm at night.  Sometimes, he doesn’t come home at all.  If he does come home, we talk about our day together.  Then, I’ll slip into my room for a bit of TV before bed.  I hug him good night around 9pm and I go to bed.  I like that he stays up later…Kinda reminds me of when I was a little girl.  I’d go to bed and Grandma and Grandpa would still be up.

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Order Xanax To Canada Kris will sit in the kitchen watching Netflix on his phone (Malcolm in the Middle or Family Guy) or he goes in his bedroom to watch movies.  He wants to do a movie night soon.  He wants to show me the Fast and Furious movies.  What do ya think?  Should I check them out? All in all, he’s pretty easy to live with.  I’m glad he’s with me.  ☺️

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