What I Did For You Today: Purity

Good Morning My Sweet Girl,

Well, it’s the end of the month so I’m running out of money.  At this point, I start playing a game with myself…”How Much Money Can I Save.”  I stay home doing errands I need to get done.  After I eat lunch I go out to do more errands.  I try very hard not to spend any cash.  Today, I got your car lubed and oiled. I get this done at Sears so I can use my Sears credit card. I’ve been very good about keeping up with the maintenance for this car.  It still runs really well.  It has some knicks in the paint and the wheel rims are scuffed up.  But, your oldest brother put a new battery in the car over Thanksgiving and I put four new tires on the car less than a year ago. The car was detailed a few months ago when I got the rear dent fixed. Next month, I’ll get you some new (but cheap) rims.  Just before your birthday, I’ll take it in to have it washed.  But your car is doing really well.  If you read your sister’s post, you’ll see that I’m preparing to give you this car as soon as you are able to claim it.  If you cannot/don’t want it – I’ll keep driving it.  It saves me money every month driving a completely paid for car.  Either way, it’s a win-win situation.  That’s the best situation for all.  FYI – This is one of the gifts I registered for my housewarming:

Love You to the Moon and Back Frame

Who was I thinking of when I chose this? 🙂

Love You to the Moon and Back,

Prudence XXOO

P.S. Are we out of the woods yet?  Enjoy your favorite gal singing a song that she wrote.