What Confidence is…

Funny Story: On Facebook, I asked to “friend” this teacher at my school.  We’ll call her Anna.  I joined her gym because she lost all kinds of weight.  I was impressed.  But she never seemed very happy to see me there.  I persisted.  I “liked” stuff she “liked” on Facebook – not because I was trying too hard but because I genuinely liked the stuff she liked.

Somewhere along the line, she unfriended me.  I’m not sure why.  I guess I could ask.  But I guess I’m kinda tired of trying to run after people who don’t want to be friendly.  Why bother?  No point, right? I guess I feel if she isn’t interested in being friends, neither am I.

But the funny part is that its no big deal.  I see her every day.  I smile and say hello most days. I even made her a set of copies last week when she needed it.  It’s really ok if she’s not interested in being my friend.  I’m fine with her lack of interest.  Now THAT, is confidence!  Think about it! 🙂