We’re Walking in the Air

It was a bit colder today, wasn’t it?  Yes, it’s still winter.  Good thing cause I still have some beautiful winter posts to create.  Today’s another crazy day: work, drama club, gym, back to school for drama club (parent safety meeting so set designers can use power tools in creation of sets).  Kinda makes me wish I could fly off and forget all my responsiblities.  I don’t know if you ever saw, The Snowman?  It’s about a little boy who makes a snowman and then the snowman comes to life.  The snowman takes the boy on an amazing adventure to the North Pole.  Did you know snowmen could fly?  I did not.  But according to this story, they can.  I know it’s a kids story, but it is so beautiful and so simple too!  We all wish we could fly away sometimes. So come fly with the snowman, sweet sisters… Let’s start “Walking in the Air.”