Time for More Changes

I think I’m going to start writing weekly instead of daily.  There are several reasons for this…

  1. I don’t think my daily writing is very good writing.  I’m so concerned about getting it out every day that I believe quantity has over taken quality.  That is not good.  I keep thinking about something Ben Franklin used to say:




I want to “write something worth reading and do things worth writing.”

2. I know you both aren’t reading this every day.  This is not a reprimand.  This is merely a statement of fact.  Why write daily if it isn’t read daily?  I need to start letting go. That isn’t to say I’m not going to write anymore, just not as frequently.  I cannot get distance and perspective from our ugly situation if I keep visiting it every day.


Buy Xanax Pfizer Online 3.  Things need to change.   They cannot stay the same.  They must grow and bend and become more.

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