Three Americans in Paris: Part 2

Bea awoke and looked out of the window of the plane.  The sun was no where in sight. But it was daytime.

“Where’s the sun, Prue?” asked Bea.

“It’s behind us.  We are flying away from it,”  Prudy said.  “Now get ready to land, the captain has said we’ll be in Paris in twenty minutes.” Bea looked out the window again.  As the plane began its final decent into Paris, Purity sat next to Bea and they looked out the window as the plane landed in Charles De Gaulle Airport. They both couldn’t stop smiling.

A private car picked them up outside the terminal.

Bea and Purity were not at all ready for all the richness of Paris.  Gold, real gold was simply everywhere: the furniture, the fixtures, even the fountains had gold filigree within their designs.  The cars zoomed all around them in the gray car that took them to their hotel, but they were mesmerized with the beauty and grandeur of Paris.

When the car drove up to their hotel, The Four Seasons – George V, Purity and Bea were speechless.  They could not believe the elegance they were about to experience.

“Ugh…Prudy, how much does this place cost per night? asked Purity.

“About $1250 a night.”

“WOW! For one suite?” asked Bea.

“And you gals thought I lived like a queen,” replied Prudy.

They were escorted to their luxurious three room suite by the hotel manager.  Once inside their room, they found a letter addressed to Bea from supermodel, Heidi Klum.

My Dearest Bea and her loving Family,

Welcome to Paris!  Our runway show featuring your owl design costume will be tomorrow night at 20:00.  That’s 8pm. We will need you and your family to be there no later than 18:00, 6pm so you can eat a tantalizing dinner and get made up for the show. You will be going out on the runway with me so I can let the world meet the next best teen designer.  Be careful, you might get famous!  Until then, enjoy the sights and shopping of Paris.



Heidi Klum Autographed Pix

“We should try to take a nap. Try to stay ahead of the jet lag,” said Prudy.

“What’s jet lag?” asked Bea.

“”Flying is a strange experience.  We just crossed about ten time zones.  Our bodies will need to adjust to the time difference.  It’s night back in the states, but it’s morning here. Just trust me.  It’s going to hit you like a ton of bricks. Try to take a nap.  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun of Paris just because you suddenly feel exhausted and have to sleep.  Trust me on this.  I’ve learned from experience,” Prudy confirmed.

“But if we fall asleep, the dream will be over,” they said together.

“Remember, birthdays give you MORE magic! More magic in this case translates into more time.  No need to worry,” said Prudy.

“OK!” They chimed in agreement. Before long, they were all sleeping comfortably in their own beds in their own rooms.