The Heart that Cannot Love

There are a lot of broken people in this world, sweet sisters.  Even more broken than us or the people we know.  Some people have been through unbelievable amounts of pain.  They need to get themselves away to a peaceful place and rebuild themselves.  But that takes time and it takes strength of character.  To say “it’s not fair for me to waste this person’s time until I’m strong enough to give them my heart in return.”  There is nothing wrong with hanging out with people like this provided you make clear boundaries.  And if you make a mistake (as we all have) and let someone like this get too close, we must forgive them and forgive ourselves.  Forgive, but do not forget the lesson that was learned in making the mistake.  Don’t let the heart that did not love you keep you from the one who will.  Don’t let bitterness and fear take over and keep you prisoner.  You deserve so much better than that, sweet sisters.  You deserve a love that lasts as long as God allows.  You deserve all the love of the universe.  Flood yourself with love.  That love will come to you.  You already have my love.  Sleep well!  Xxoo