The Goddess Within

I took myself out for dinner tonight: that Mexican restaurant near the Italian place the parents take you to.  Next week, I gotta get back to the gym and work out.  I wanna look sensational for my Mexican cruise. I was also out shopping for a fire it for the backyard.  My Mother’s Day story inspired me.  I’ve decided to have a REAL summer bonfire party with my work friends.  I’m going to serve Irish food: roast beef sliders, potato puffs, British beer – your oldest brother loves that I drink beer.

Yeah, there’s this whole side to me you have yet to discover.  You know the big sister: nurturing and goofy.  But I’m an adult too.  You’ll see when you get to your twenty first birthday.  Yes, I drink.  So I know what I’m talking about where alcohol is concerned.  It messes with your sleep and makes you a little depressed.  Be cautious with alcohol.

My enchilada dinner has been cleared away.  So yummy!  I decided to have a lovely night out.  Mexican music plays softly in the background.  Yes, honor the woman or goddess inside of you by treating yourself to beautiful moments.

You’ve met the goddess within? Right?! I know you have.  I was there when you saw her once.  Remember that Christmas I dolled you both up?  I bought you beautiful dresses and did your hair.  I KNOW you saw her that day!  Honor THAT girl.  She’s the gal inside of you.♥️image