The Beach House in Our Imagination

“Look, Prudence!  Chocolate Chip cookies!” announced Purity.

image“Yes sweetheart, that’s the standard welcome at any decent bed and breakfast I’ve ever been to,” explained Prudence.

“Well, I like these bed and breakfast places already, exclaimed Beatrice.

“We can borrow the bikes so we can take a ride along the beach if you want to this afternoon.”

“I love the view of the ocean from our window,” said Prudence.  “It seems to go on forever.”

When can we go to the beach Prudy?  I want to go shopping! said Beatrice.

“Soon sweet gal, soon,” said Prudence as she cupped her youngest sister’s face in her hand and gently patted her soft skin.

“I’m so glad we are on vacation together,” exclaimed Purity.  “I wish this week would never end.”

“Me too darling,” said Prudence.  She reached out her arms to both sisters.  They came into her arms and she hugged them in the living room of the beach house for a long moment.