Takin’ on More Responsibilties

I know I’m always telling you how crazy busy I am.  Well, here comes some more.  I went to our church/temple board meeting last night.  I was nominated to be a new (returning) member of the board.  I also volunteered to lead services once a month so YUP, I’m not shying away from takin’ on responsibilities.  There comes a point when you just gotta step up to the plate and do what has to be done. Since our temple president has moved to Chicago, I am officially the Director of the Hebrew School.  And since that means helping two different teenagers learn eighteen verses of Hebrew (EACH), that means my Hebrew education will be going at a much faster pace.  This is what only six lines of Hebrew looks like:


So, looks like I’m going to be busy.  But I’m always thinking of you.  Being around these amazing young people makes me remember you both.  And just think, if we ever do travel to Israel together, I’ll be ready to show you around.  🙂

You’ve probably noticed too that I’m only posting once a day now.  Well, as the time that I’m going to have to keep this going has increased, I’m going to have to pace myself more.  Coming up with two posts a day is just getting to be too difficult. It’s not that I have nothing to say.  But you can only say, ‘I love you and I miss you” so many ways before it starts getting repetitive. In order to keep this up for a longer period of time, I’m going to have to change how I do this.  Once a day is still very doable.  I hope that seeing a post EVERY DAY has brightened your day on more than one occasion.  Yes, I’m still here and I love you both as much as I ever did.  I’ll still do “Letters to Purity and Bea” once in awhile.  And the stories on holidays will keep coming.

Our next adventure is just a month or so away. An African Safari!  I can’t wait! The elephant isn’t really mad.  He’s just enjoying the dirt.  Here’s a sneak preview…