Spring Break Safari:Day Five

“I wanna go shopping…” whined Purity.

“Yeah, I miss going to stores and buying stuff,” said Bea.

“I miss normal,” said Purity.

“You want food courts?” asked Prudence.

“Yea!” The girls hollered in unison.

“You want clothing stores?” continued Prudence.

“Yea!” They hollered again.

“OK, let’s get dressed,and get packed up.  We’re going into Nairobi for the night.  We’ll be staying at a new place, so bring EVERYTHING!” said Prudence.  Before you can say Kumbaya, the girls were off!  They each ran into their rooms and started packing for their next adventure.  Prudence went into her room and started humming the song, Kumbaya to herself…

Kris brought two motorbikes up from the garage.  The traffic going into Nairobi is known to be some of the worst traffic in the world.  Taking a bike will save the four siblings a lot of time.  The siblings put their packed suitcases in the Land Rover.  The Rover would sit in the long traffic lines and get their stuff to the hotel in Nairobi later that evening.

“I’m riding with Prudence,” called out Purity.

“Fine!  Traitor!  I’ll take Bea with me and we’ll get to Nairobi before you!” announced Kris.  They got suited up in their safety gear.  Before long, they were off to Nairobi. As they drove, Purity just could not get Owl City’s song, “Shine Your Way” out of her head.

Once they got into Nairobi, they saw a mall that seemed more like what they were used to.

“Look, it even has a KFC!” shouted Bea from the motorbike.

They parked their bikes and went into the mall.  It felt so good to be in a place that felt like home.  Of course, the items being sold were different and therefore more fun to look at.  In fact, the four siblings stayed at the mall for several hours into the evening.

It was quite late when the four family members made their way to their hotel. Purity and Bea could barely keep their eyes open.  The girls went straight to their rooms and to bed.  They were all exhausted.