Sketch of Girl, from the back

I’m off to LA this morning.  I thought I’d enjoy a day at the museums.

On the tram ride up the hill, I saw a little girl that reminded me of you both.  She looked most like you, Purity, as her hair was blonde.  But when she spoke, she sounded like you, Bea.

I can imagine how you both look now, from the back.  Perhaps great artists draw and paint simple subjects like this because they miss the simple things about people they love.  Things like looking at them from the back, or listening to children they love saying things like, “I can’t see,” on a ride somewhere.

And I keep an eye out for you whenever I’m in your “neck of the woods.” I can easily imagine how beautiful you are becoming.  Let’s see how close I am…


So the next time you look at a “simple” piece of art, perhaps you’ll remember an artistic writer who loves you and thinks that you are inspiring (on a daily basis) many works of art.  Ok, so it may not be GREAT art like Leonardo diVinci, Michaelangelo or Frida Kahlo.  But if love can be expressed in the art of putting words to paper, our website is my “Mona Lisa.” 🙂