Remember When You Were My Girl?

I was going through some boxes in my garage last night and I found something that reminded me of an adventure we had once.  We went to Beatrix Potter Day at the Huntington Library.  I took you both.  I also took all these pictures of you both.  You had hats on and little sun dresses.  All the pictures are black and white.  This is the program of the event.


Very cool, huh?!  Yes, you were both “My Girl” that day.  We had tea in the tea room and we walked around the gardens.  There is a picture of you both looking down into the koi pond.  What fun we had, remember?  Those were good days.  Those days are getting closer and closer to being back again.  Until then, remember – in my heart – you are both “My Girl.”  Many thanks to the Temptations for their classic rendition of the song.

Your Beloved Cosmic VJ,

Prudence Scattergoode 🙂