Prom Weekend: Movie Marathon

SOOOOO many good movies about going to the prom.  I had a field day choosing what to watch this weekend.

I hope you had a sensational night!  And, if not – don’t be too surprised… Prom creates a lot of expectations – in everyone.  The girls expect the perfect date: a beautiful dress, a hot guy, a corsage. The boys also have expectations.  Emotions may have been running high.

At some point in the evening, you may have turned and realized that you are not going to be seeing these people too much longer.  I remember looking across the table at my friends and realizing this.  It was very sobering.  Some people, you just can’t wait to get away from.  And others… you can’t imagine not seeing them anymore.  After all, they are going off to live their life after graduation.

I encourage you to take this time and enjoy these folks.

But when they are busy, you can indulge in a prom movie marathon. Here’s the Top Five Best Prom Movies – According to your Beloved Cosmic VJ: The Sketchy Scribe…

5. Pretty in Pink (1986)

4. Grease 2

3. Grease (The original – doesn’t matter what cast.  The writing ROCKS!)

2. Footloose (1984) The newer version is just like this one except Ariel CAN dance.

1. Never Been Kissed (1999) ( Drew Barrymore walks on water!)

Nope!  The mystery/thriller Prom Night did NOT make my list. My movies are “feel good” movies. Being chased by a crazy man on prom night is NOT my idea of “feel good.”

Here’s the trailer for Never Been Kissed. You can watch it on Amazon.