Pizza for Big Bro

Big Bro accidently left his money in his locker at work.  Now, his boss is giving him a hard time about going in to get it.  UGH!! Being twenty something can be so frustrating!  People think because you are young, they can push you around.  At times like this, I send him a pizza though an egiftcard with Pizza Hut.  He enjoys it and it gets him through the rough patches.



He wants very much to come visit once his tax refund comes in.  He hopes to be able to take you both to dinner or to a movie.  Wouldn’t THAT be great!

In the meantime, its still raining/snowing here.  My progress reports are done too.

Tonight, I’m watching The Bachelor while I put away all the Christmas stuff I have stashed in the guest room.  I’m not liking the new bachelor too much.  He’s not a “nice guy.”  He’s taking advantage of having so many girls running after him.  And those girls are letting him.  If you let a man take advantage, he’ll walk all over you!