Our Fantasy Desert Dream Home

I want you, my sweet girls, to use your imaginations and envision an absolutely amazing desert dream home for us to vacation in this summer.  This will be our home base for all our adventures this summer, including our trip to Europe.  In my imagination, I’d pick you up in a white H2 Hummer and wisk us off to the foothills right above your town.  We’ll live in this rock mansion near all the people we love.  Anyone who wants to, may visit, and enjoy all the amenities of our place: pool, jacuzzi, horse back riding, archery, quad racing, You name it, we’ve got it!  You both have your own rooms and a car to take you wherever YOU want to go.  Sound fun?  I’m just getting started.  Look at the pictures I found to get your imaginations humming…

Desert Mansion

Can you see the pool area beginning in the lower left hand corner?

HummerH2sedan-1a Purity, you drive…carefully!

Purity, you get the PEACE room.

Bea, your room is the Paris room.


Katies RoomBrittany's Room

What will you name your horses?  I have one too.  She’s a black Arabian named Sheherazade.

Our Horses