An Oppurtunity to Say No

My Mystery Guest (whom I’ll refer to as MMG from now on) has discovered where Purity works…

I am so hoping this is true.  If so, good job Purity! I’m soooooo proud of you!

MMG says he intends to come by soon and try to borrow some $.

Please don’t do this.  You need it.  He’ll survive because I’ve offered him little jobs recording papers and doing small chores around the house.  He has food stamps too, so – no guilt!  You work hard for your money.  Take care of you FIRST.  Then help others if you are able AND if they truly need it.

Take this opportunity to say no with a clear conscience.  I got this! ☺️

P.S. He signed my seven page contract!  We are off and running to getting him to a better life.  Perhaps YOU will be next?!