Not Giving Up

Here’s the deal: since I did not make my original 20lbs, my contract is null and void.  I can lose 20 lbs, get my tshirt and STOP (for a while).  I’d still like to keep working out with weights (I love changing stations every few minutes.  Who has time to complain – ugh, you’re onto the next one!) I want to work out somewhere (this gym, the gym near my house, or one on the way home from work) until at least the end of July.  If something else needs my attention during the month of July, I’ll be ready.  If not, I keep working out and improving my body.  I can also expand my food choices again for a while.  Win-win situations.  Don’t you just love those?! Yes – having the correct information does help!  Now, go girl!  Let’s do this!