Need a Little Fight Today?

I heard this song as I was ordering dinner and thought of you.  You know, it can be so frustrating when you are just going about your business and someone comes along and gets offended.  One of the custodians at our school seems frustrated with me because we made sure to get some custodial back up on days when the kids will be doing a lot of painting.  Makes sense right?  But I get the distinct feeling that someone thinks I’m circumventing their authority.  I was just trying to avoid any more work for the custodians.  I was just trying to help.  God forbid.  I guess I should just stop trying to do that.  It always seems to blow up in my face.  Ugh!  Ok, maybe the fight song is for me.  But the next time someone gets offended when you are merely asking for clarification, you’ll understand where I’m  coming from.