May the Words of My Mouth and the Meditations of My Heart Be Acceptable to You

This is a bit too opera- ish, I admit.  But I sang this song (same melody, less opera) last night in temple.  A very good friend is retiring and moving away.  Her husband and I have sung this song together for years. Last night was the last night we were able to sing it together before they move away.  Like the cantors (songstresses) in this video, I stand up at the pulpit and lead my congregation in song/prayer.  It is a very important job.  Prayer with song is stronger than just mere words.  In English, the words say: “May the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you, O’Lord: my Rock and my Redeemer.” God keeps me strong.  And He reminds me how important it is that I continue to be strong to help you both.