Livin’ La Vida Loca

We were listening to the remix of this song at the gym the other day.  I get LOTS of ideas for posts at the gym.  I’m telling you, if you need to change your mood, the gym is a great place to go and get away from what’s naggin’ your brain or your heart.  You don’t have too much time to think about “X” when you are pumping iron at 10 different stations and rotating every two minutes.  When the fifty minutes are up, you are so glad you did it.  And the world doesn’t seem quite so harsh.  You know you can conquer just about anything.  Anyway, sweet sisters, your beloved Cosmic VJ leaves you with Ricky Martin’s remix of his infamous song,” La Vida Loca.” Maybe you can go for a power walk up and down the street and listen to this. I drove near your house last night and blew you a few kisses. Better go pick em up.  I think they landed by your mailbox. 🙂  How I wish that were true. But my love for you is true.  Believe that, my sweet sisters. XXOO