Let’s Go to Jericho!

Tonight, my Religious School gals are starting to learn about Jewish history along with their Hebrew lessons.  This is their last year with me and their parents wanted me to include Jewish History in the curriculum. Jericho, in Northern Israel, is considered the oldest city in the world.  It was founded ten thousand years ago.  Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River near Jericho.  Of course, the infamous Dead Sea is here.  No life lives in this ancient sea but it is impossible for humans to drown in the Dead Sea: too much salt.  I’m going to show this video to the girls tonight.  One of them, Melissa, went to Israel and swam in the Dead Sea.  Later, we are going to make a mosaic stepping stone art craft. Jericho was famous its beautiful mosaic art. It should be entertaining to watch the girls play with the clay and mosaic glass pieces.