Join Our Sisterhood?

It was an interesting day – lots more interesting than I imagined it would be.  I decided to go down below to take something back to a store and continue my window shopping.  Everything was going according to plan when – there HE was… ex boyfriend at two o’clock. I had already decided that I would smile and say hello.  Best way to handle awkward situations is to be friendly.  We ended up walking around the mall for a while.  We talked about “things.”  We are going to be friends – but that’s all.  We’ll talk again when the situation presents itself.  I’m not going to push it.  The universe wanted us to run into each other, I guess.  And I’m glad we got a chance to talk.

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Buy Diazepam Bulk Pushing people away is just not good for the heart.  It’s been almost a year, so it was time for a heart to heart chat.  I don’t want to be like some other women… angry, suspicious, petty and brooding.  Not all women are like that, my sweet sisters.  Some of us are in “the sisterhood.”  We are strong because we can BEND.  We don’t see others as weak because they can be kind or forgive.  We see another interesting woman doing well and we congratulate her.  I’m NOT saying NOT to stand up for yourself.  I had to with my ex boyfriend.  Sometimes, you MUST stand up for yourself.  But you do it with grace and dignity. Women of God Quote We need women of purity, virtue, goodness, faith, kindness, and tenderness.  I know you are getting ready to BUST out into the world, sweet sisters.  But don’t forget to be these things.  I know the world seems to bend more the other way.  You must be that much stronger.  And I believe you are.  🙂

You must keep believing in the best of this universe. The universe sends you people, ideas, and experiences.   There is happiness. There is sweetness.  There is love.  You must not only believe in it, you must actively pursue it.  That’s how a woman of God conducts herself. Don’t give up on believing in these things.  Woman of God – Celine Dion lost her beloved husband this year. They were together many years before they married.  He was convinced he was too old for her.  She convinced him he was wrong. Here she is singing her song, “That’s the Way it Is.”