Island Christmas

So, I started home around 12:30. The traffic was not good. I dealt with three traffic jams coming home. But, I sat in the driver’s seat imagining your head was resting against my shoulder. It made the time pass faster. I stopped at our local outlet mall and looked around. Didn’t get much. Just a few last minute gifts for friends. So, yesterday – I gave you a taste of French Christmas music. Let’s go along to the islands of the Carribean and the Pacific and hear how their Christmas’ might sound. Lay on the floor with your knees up. Close your eyes…imagine the sand between your toes and transport yourself to another place. If you need to, try holding your breath for most of the song. The time will magically expand and you will relax more profoundly. Then breathe in and out very slowly. Focus on breathing from your belly! That’s it! Good girl! Feel better?!