I Turn to You

I want to thank you for just being out there.  You both inspire me to keep going.  I was looking at a picture of us in Disneyland today.  This picture is on the chrome book that I take to a weekly meeting. In the picture, we are just “hanging out together” in the magical world of Walt Disney.  You are both smiling.  Bea – your smile is wide and with such joy on your face.  Purity, your smile is more casual, but very content.  I’m glad, if you aren’t able to read this now, you’ll be able to read it someday.  You’ll see my never ending love for you both in day after day, week after week (and so on ) of sketchyscribe posts.  I hope they lift you up and keep you inspired.  You are my inspiration. I love you both so very much.  XXOO Prudence.