How Are You Doing?

go to site Rough few nights? Yeah! Well you just got a crash course on being a grown up! Some days are pretty easy and some days…WOW?! What the hell?! I’m not going to tell you I’ve had a few days like you just had. I’m sure it was really tough. But I’m proud of you that you made it through. Your grandparents warned me how rough the military is so I didn’t have any interest in joining. But I’m kinda sorry I didn’t do it now. I think I could have done more with my life and it would have been good for me. I’m sitting here watching TV after a “tough” day at work. Compared to what you’ve been through recently, it was a cakewalk. Spell is sitting next to me. I think she misses you. Keep your chin up Bea 🐝 and do not give up! Keep breathing! You can do this! Just take this one day at a time. My first day of being a teacher was very difficult. I was so freaked out I, Grandma gave me a Valium. I know. That’s nothing compared to what you just did. I love you. That’s all I’m saying. And I’m here. Call me if you wanna talk. Purity has the number.

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