Home Improvements

The furniture guys came right on time about 10:15 am and delivered my couches, end tables, coffee table, lamps, bed and living room art.  It’s not all exactly as I want it, yet.  But I love the soft couches and bright colors.  And now I can move pieces around as it suits my inclination.  Here is my new living room:


Not sure I like the rug, but it was one of the few choices that worked with the blue and orange. I turned those awful pillows around and I’ll make due with them until I can find something else.  The couch is also a sofa bed.

This is how the front guest room looks:


Of course Kitty is supervising everything so it will look just right.

I put my leather love seat in there and my old bed.  There are lovely black and white pictures on the nightstand of my grandparents and of Purity.  Remember when we went to Beatrix Potter day at a museum with lots of gardens?  I took all these gorgeous pictures of you both.  I can’t post one though.  Gotta protect my girlies!  But you remember!  Right?!  That was a beautiful day!

This is the second guest room/library all cleaned and organized:


We can easily move this bookshelf or the table by the window out to accommodate another bed if needed.  I still have those blow up beds I bought for you to sleep in when you visit.  You can’t see the windowsill but there is a picture of Bea up there.  It is a picture of her as a very little baby.  It is in a heart shaped frame and it is next to the box of chocolates (with the Eiffel Tower) that I got you.  I bought myself one too!  I’m silly, I know.

I have a new pillow top bed.  It is queen size and SO soft.  Here it is:


Tomorrow morning is my weigh-in so I won’t post again until then.  You get the scoop first!

Anyway, I’ve been listening to some beautiful classical music as I’ve been cleaning up.  This is a favorite piece of mine: Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.  I’ve sent you the other parts.  This is “Winter,” with lots of lovely images of that season.  Imagine cuddling up on my new couch with a cup of hot chocolate!  Just don’t spill it, ok!  Then going off to bed and “being snug as a bug in a rug” amongst the flannel sheets and a soft and warm comforter in my guest room. Yes, it will happen my sweet sisters.  Just don’t stop believing that I love you.  Enjoy!