The Holy Temple Inside

“And you shall command the children of Israel, and they shall take to you pure olive oil, crushed for lighting, to kindle the lamps continually.”


After the Israelites left Egypt, they had to create a holy place for themselves in the desert.  God told them to create the tabernacle.  Leading up to it, were lamps lit with olive oil.  These lamps were lit by the faithful.

So must it be for us.  Even when we are struggling with our faith, as I am recently, we must perform this simple act of faith.  We keep the light of faith alive inside of ourselves when we strike the match.  God’s with us when a fire is lit.  We must invite Him in, even if it is to tell him we are angry at Him.

I’ve had quite a few of these conversations with Him recently. But afterwards, I feel His warmth and we move on to keeping the tabernacle inside of me, a holy place.