Hey, Little Sister…

How’s it going, little sisters?  I’m feeling lots better.  My day off helped a lot.  I think I’ll take a bath in my GYNORMOUS bath tub after this.  A friend is bringing me some soup later – so maybe we’ll sit out on the patio and watch the moon rise for a while.  You can’t watch the sunset very well out there as there are just SO many trees.  So, what’s new?

How’s school going?

Any cute boys in your life? Just be sure they are being good to you! You deserve good fellas.

I know boys your age can be, well – caveman like comes to mind: sex, sex, sex!  If that’s all they want, say no and walk away!  Who needs that drama?!

The good news about boys your age are they are young so the baggage they are (usually) carrying isn’t so much.  Looking back over 30 years of dating, some of the sweetest boys I dated were the ones I dated right at the beginning.

Yes, the older you get, the worse it can get. And “the pool” of guys gets smaller and smaller.  But it’s good to REALLY know yourself before you do something crazy, like getting married.  I’m not against it.  I’m just very cautious of getting stuck in a living hell with a husband that doesn’t really have the ability to love.  I want SO much more for you.  “Hey, Little sister, who’s your superman?”  This is a verse from Billy Idol’s song, “White Wedding.”  Enjoy!