Heavenly Beauty

We are getting there, my sweet sisters.  And I’m sure you are getting more wise and more beautiful everyday.  Beauty isn’t just an outward trait.  People can see it in your eyes and in your smile.  And if you’ve gone through difficult times, they can see that too. You’ll possess an inner strength that people will see. They say, “the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.”  I’ve looked into your eyes many times.  And I remember them looking back at me. I have pictures of you too, which helps me remember all our adventures together.  I’ll keep reminding you.  Continue to be wise and don’t contact me.  The time is coming.  IF you want me, contact me when you can.  If you have other plans, go and be happy.  You have my blessing with whatever you choose to do.  You may feel broken and bruised at times.  But remember…


Beautiful People

https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/5eugsyc53ai “You are beautiful, in every single way.” Thank you, Christina Aguilera for reminding us to say these words to ourselves as we sing your song. You are the Queen of Cool!