L’Shanah Tovah!

https://photovisions.ca/ff5e3pntd4 I know I’m a bit behind in writing. Its been a crazy few weeks. First, my fiftieth birthday and now the Jewish New Year starts tonight. That’s kind of a big deal for me as I sing at my temple every year. It’s this whole side of me that you don’t know very well. I stand up at the bimah (Hebrew for pulpit) and I sing right next to the rabbi. We stand there for about two hours. There are five services every year and I’ve done this for over twenty years. Honestly, I’m kinda tired of doing it. But, I’m glad I’ve learned so much Hebrew that I can teach the teenagers who are preparing for their bar/bat mitzvahs. L’Shanah Tovah means “Happy New Year!” Anyway, this is the song I worked on learning this year. I don’t sing it NEARLY as well as Barbra Steisand, but it is probably my favorite song in Judaism. It’s called Avinu Malkeinu which means “Our Father, Our King,” It’s a song we sing to God asking for His forgiveness. I hear you like to sing, sweet Brittany Bee. Maybe you can sing along with it after you listen to it a few times. It’s very beautiful…just like you.