Happy Independence (Birth) Day: Part 5

Several years went by, but the girls stayed with their oldest sister.  The girls missed modern things like cell phones and air conditioning.  But they were glad to get to spend so much time with their big sister, Prudence.

As Prudence had always told them, she was not the easiest person to live with.  She could be grouchy at times.  But when this happened, Prudence went off by herself for a while.  And she always took care of all of her sisters’ needs.  They did not get everything they wanted, but they knew they were loved and wanted. Both Bea and Purity knew that was the most important thing.

On July 2nd, 1776, the Congress passed The Declaration of Independence.  Each member stood outside the building which would later be known as Independence Hall as it was read to the people of Philadelphia…

Purity looked up into the clouds of the sky over Independence Hall.  She would never forget this moment or this day.  The day the colonists declared their independence from a monarch who was acting like a tyrant.  The United States would win her freedom.  Purity knew this.  But she knew the people around her were unsure.  How brave they all are. She said to herself.

The next evening, Purity was mopping Dr. Franklin’s study.  Bea came in to see her.  “The black bus is here to take us home,” said Bea.  Tears filled her eyes.  Prudence helped them put their modern clothes on in the dark and she walked them down to the bus stop.

“How much time has passed –  in our time?” asked Bea.

“Well, you were in Philadelphia for about 6 years with me, so about 6 minutes have passed in our time,” said Prudy.

Both girls got on the bus.  They sat next to an open window.  The bus engine started up.

“I’ll be seeing you,” said Purity.

“Whatever you choose, I believe in you,” reminded Prudence.

Bea jumped up and ran to the door of the bus.  She bolted down the steps and into her big sister’s arms.”I love you so much, Prudy!”

“I know you do, Bea.  No one can take our love from us.  Remember that and remember me.  Start deciding what YOU need to be happy.   I’ll help you in anyway I can,” said Prudence.  Prudence kissed her sister’s cheek. Her kiss was soft and mother-like.  Bea touched her cheek with her fingers. Then, Bea reluctantly got on the bus.

In no time at all, the bus was pulling into the bus stop in front of Arby’s.  The girls got off and silently walked home.  No one saw them reenter the house.  They put on their night clothes and went to bed.

“I wonder if we grew 6 years older since we were with Prudy for so long?” asked Bea.  She looked in the mirror.  Bea didn’t look any older than her  15 years.

“But we are 6 years wiser than we would be if we hadn’t gone to see Prudy.  And I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do on my birthday!” replied Purity.

“What are you going to do?” asked Bea.

“I’m going to get up, have lots of fun with my family and friends.  Then…I’m going to pursue my happiness,” said Purity.

“What does THAT mean?” asked Bea.

“You’ll see!” said Purity putting her Ipod earbuds in her ears.  She flipped through her choices from YouTube and decided on this song…