Halloween Fun: Decorating

I had a magical weekend, and I know you did too!  Your big brother came to visit and we had loads of fun.  We talked about love, God, spirituality, all the important things.  We sat on this very same porch Saturday night, had a little pre Halloween party, and yes, we talked about you both too.  I’m glad to hear you are both well.  That is my greatest wish.  My treat for Halloween is satisfied!

Now, I’m decorating my home for next weekend.  I found the cutest Halloween sign, so I decided to do this whole haunted coffee shop theme around it.  I think it turned out so cute.  It’s not your traditional Halloween patio decorating, but it’s so much more original. Sometimes, going with the flow (or what you have already) has its advantages.  Check it out!  Of course, there is an owl in my decoration design. I can’t forget a nod to my girls!

I wonder if you could decorate your room with owls?  My kids are making the Owls in the craft video I sent you. The post is called Halloween Fun: Owl Decorations. Are you going to let a bunch of little kids outdo you???!!!