Halloween Fun: Attend a Spooky Party!


I made Halloween owl cupcakes last night.  My kids are supposed to have a Harvest Party today, but their behavior is getting out of hand.  I won’t cancel it, just get out my thumb screws!  But seriously, I hope you have an amazing and magical day today. I remember we had a Halloween Party with the parents not too many years ago.  I brought over a skull chocolate cake with white icing.  I’m making another skull cake this year.  The cupcakes are rather “sketchy,” don’t you think?  I knew you’d like them.  Know I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you are laughing with friends at your own Halloween parties.


We had a Harry Potter party for my birthday a few years ago, remember?  We had so much fun!  The next door neighbors came and celebrated with us.  I’ll leave you with this music, which was played at that gathering – in the background.  It is a song full of magic, wonder and mystery.  This is the first song on the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Soundtrack written by one of my favorite composers, John Williams.  It was the first Harry Potter book I ever read.  After reading it, I was hooked! It’s the best Harry Potter book, in my opinion.  Have fun today!