Giving All My Secrets Away

I’m sick of this challenge.  I’m tired of not eating strawberries or bananas or romaine lettuce.  I’m thinking of disqualifying myself – on purpose.  If I do lose the weight, the contract I signed states (I’m going to double check this, though) that I must continue to lose weight until I get to my Body Mass Index weight of 135lbs.  That would be ten more pounds.  Ugh!  Life is not all about losing weight.  Life is about moments with people you love.  I’m so much more disciplined than I was.  You would have been proud of me at Easter: no wine, no potatoes, no chocolate cheesecake.  Will a t-shirt that states I lost twenty pounds in six weeks make my life that much better?  I’m not sure anymore.  I’m going to finish, because I believe in finishing what I begin.  I’m going to find out the exact wording in my contract before I decide to do/not do anything.  I can’t tell you how many mistakes I’ve made in life BECAUSE I did not know certain pieces of information.  Now, you know my secret.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the song ” Secrets” by One Republic.