Give Me a Wink and a Smile

Really good day today.  The kids are starting to get used to the way I do things.  I even introduced them to my gypsy lady character today: Broomhilda.  She’s a crack up.  She walks around the classroom with her crystal ball ( my class globe) making predictions about the kids’ futures.  The kids love her.  She kinda looks like this in my mind as I pretend to be her:


Anyway, she makes the kids smile and I love pretending to be her.  I hope you found lots of reasons to smile today.  Every time I thought about you both today, I smiled.  I got to hug you and hold your hands in my dreams.  How wonderful being with you is.  I just can’t help winkin’ and smilin’ when I think of you.  So here is Harry Connick Jr. singing one of my favorites, “Give Me a Wink and a Smile.” It’s from the movie, Sleepless in Seattle.