Freaky Friday

Today was freaky!  I guess I’m burned out eating fish and asparagus.  Also, Aunt Flo is hovering -which worries me ’cause we gals gain water weight during.  I’m in such a mood!  I was kinda a witch today.  Just going to try not to bite anyone else’s head off today, finish my last gym work out and go home.  Ever wish you could switch bodies with someone?  Imagine if you got to be ME for a day and I got to be you!  Boy, would I cause some mayhem in your world – tell a few people OFF, if you know what I mean.  And YOU – you’d have to teach these kids all day.  How would you do that?  What would you teach them?  What if you had to teach Drama after school?  What if you had to do my last work out (or I’d lose my $500)?  Disney made a few funny movies about that.  Lindsay Lohan is in one of them.  Check it out! We started with a Manic Monday and we are ending on a Freaky Friday.