European Road Trippin’ Day 7

Toledo, Spain coming soon.

When they arrive in Toledo, they are surprised to see so many tourists. Running with the Bulls in Pamplona is in a few days. The girls start shopping and run into a very fashionable lady who turns out to be older, wiser Bea. Bea joined the US army after high school. She writes a letter to a music promoter in her last months in and gets advice in joining that career. She becomes an intern for Taylor Swift’s promoter and starts traveling the world with Taylor’s tour. she has just been in Paris and tells Bea that things will work out. Bea will have a fabulous career in the music industry. She will make herself into a bold and amazing lady. She will find love (and is getting married) to a wealthy Frenchman that she met in Paris. They are both in Spain for the Running of the bulls. In the distance, Bea sees her dream guy. All of a sudden, she wakes up. Shes home. Purity is leaving for her date.