Eight Minutes of Peace

This is an open eyed meditation.  Do not close your eyes.

Imagine that you are fast asleep between the blankets of your warm and cozy bed covers.  It is very late at night.  The entire house is asleep.

All at once, a white light fills your room.  Your bedroom closet slides open and two beautiful angels, with wings of rainbow colored light glide out,  Each of them floats to your bedside.  They take you each by the hand.  You are not afraid.

You begin to soar high above your bed, through the ceiling of your room and into the night sky.  You feel so free and unencumbered.  There is a golden cord holding you safe to the earth, but you can fly as high and as far as you wish.  You are only limited by your thoughts. You fly west and you see me and my angel waiting for you within the pink clouds.

We continue to soar through the air.

You can feel the cool air passing swftly between your toes.  When you open your mouth, the clouds taste salty, like rain that has yet to break forth.

You can see that the sun is setting and the colors become a dark pink, purple and then crimson red.  We touch down in a green and lush meadow.  Fragrant flowers are all around us: sunflowers sway back and forth in the breeze as we hug each other and giggle madly.

We talk for hours about school, boys, life, and all the love that fills our hearts for each other.  This magical night of angels and light belongs to us.  We all know the secret of having it anytime we wish.  All we need do is unleash our imaginations and we are soaring through the pink clouds, once again, with each other.  It is like we are flying with Peter Pan on his way to Neverland.

Fly with me, sweet sisters tonight as I hold my angel’s hand and trust in the power of God’s love.

He loves you So much sweet girls and he has such important plans for you.  Believe in that.  Believe in yourselves and the strength within you.  Fly high!