Eight Days of Holidays: Part 7

The next few days, the girls decided to take it easier. They stayed in their PJs, ordered pizza in and watched movies. They were “crazy lazy!”  And it felt so good.

They went down to the beauty shop for pedicures, manicures and facials too!  Neither of the girls had ever had a facial before, so Prudence booked facials for them both a few days before New Years Eve.  This way, their face skin would have had time to “recover” after the process.  Purity and Bea had no idea the process was so intense…

The next morning, the girls woke up and were flipping through the channels on the Smart TV in their hotel.  It was December 30th.  They had been together now for six days.  All of a sudden they came upon this song.  They could not help getting up and dancing in their PJs.  It just felt so good to let go in their hotel room high over New York City.

They knew they’d be staying with Prudence until at least lthe ball dropped in Times Square.  So, they still had a few days more together.

As Chanukah was still going on, the girls lit the candles each night in celebration.  Tonight, Prudence paid for the girls to go down to the restaurant and watch Chef Haberle show them how to make real potato pancakes (or latkes) from scratch. Chef Haberle put them to work grating the potatoes and onions.  And the result tasted absolutely amazing.

They watched videos relating to Chanukah too! The story of Anne Frank was particularly memorable to both Purity and Bea.  Watching Anne and her family hide from the Nazis during World War II helped them realize how cruel life can be.  Prudence insisted that they watch these stories.  She’d say, “Believe me, life can always be worse.  Be grateful for small blessings.”

When the Nazis arrested the family in the Secret Annex and sent them to a concentration camp, Purity and Bea saw how much worse life could become for two sisters who found themselves in a war zone.

They fell asleep watching the Anne’s nightmare unfold and holding onto Prudence in her huge queen size bed. They were grateful that Prudence had refused to loose them.  Her grip, even in the wee hours of the night, was strong, yet flexible.  She was with them.