How to Drink Alcohol 101

Ok, I’m going to give you both the same speech I gave BOTH of your brothers.  I’m not going to pretend that you aren’t teenage gals and wanting to explore the world a bit.  But take a little advice from your big sister on alcohol:

Be careful what people give you.  It might be more loaded (alcoholic) than you realize.  Pour your OWN drinks.  Beer and wine is less potent than the hard stuff.  But you can get sick on every kind of drink, especially when you are not used to them.  I’ll be honest, I’ve drunk too much and found myself hugging the toilet.  Not a pleasant experience but we all do it at some point.

Your oldest brother hopes you acquire a taste for beer.  He likes it.  Beer is an acquired taste.  I like beer too, but I like the darker beers.

If I might suggest try a sweet wine to start: a moscato is sweet.  Kinda like dessert.  Wines come in lots of varieties.  There are even chocolate wines.  You might like those.

Anyway, be careful to drink LOTS of water while you drink alcohol.  Helps keep you from getting too drunk.  Enjoy your buzz, but be careful who you are with.  Do not get into a car with a drunk driver!  One of my high school friends died because she drove drunk on an Apple Valley road.  True story. If you die before I see you, I will be so -;)$&”$);;)$&(:568&)!!!!!! Do not die before I get to hug you again!!?!?! Be careful!  And get your party started…