Disqualified but Not Discouraged

https://dentaris-sa.com/2024/05/13/200w5z1t15 Yes, I did not make it.  The tea produced no result. At least not yet. 🙁


follow url But, let’s focus on the positive: I’m 1.9 pounds away from losing 30 lbs total.  All my clothes fit so much better! I have a waist.  I have defined arm and leg muscles. My chronic cough has been eradicated for a second time, so when it comes back, I know how to eat clean and make it go away again – invaluable knowledge.  Do you know how tiring it is to cough constantly.  Purity knows.


follow site I learned a lot from this challenge: I learned that you gotta focus on what you did right in the first challenge rather than what you did wrong.  Also, do not let hater type people derail you.  Their comments (or lack of comment) says more about their fear of failure than your success.  Besides…

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Buy Diazepam Wholesale I needed to double up on my workouts sooner.  I can give excuses as to why I didn’t, but I don’t listen to my students’ excuses, so I won’t bother you with them. 🙂


https://templedavid.org/symons/99bivnlzv4 Attitude is everything.  I stopped wanting to win this challenge pretty early in the second round.  And that attitude affected me.  You see how important a thought can be??!! You can make stuff happen in your mind and then, guess what – it’s true.


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https://www.vertaglia.com/dzbtww9 I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I’m not a very competitive person.  I never have been.  If I want to beat ANYONE, I want to beat myself.  Well, I’m (at least) 300% better physically than I was 12 weeks ago.  My risk for heart disease and cancer (which runs rampant in my “blood” family) is much lower.  I’ve ensured that I will be around for you both and the brothers for a good long time.  I’ve probably added a few years to the end of my life too.  Hopefully, we can make up for the time we are losing now.

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Buy Valium Now So, here’s the plan: I’m going to finish this challenge (despite being disqualified) and lose that last 1.9 lbs.  I’m NOT going to eat fish and asparagus all week.  I’m not interested in losing ten pounds that will not stay off after the challenge.  It’s ridiculous to do this yo-yo dieting technique to my body.  I’ll eat FTDI (Follow the Damn Instructions) until next Monday when I weigh out.  I’ll do double workouts when it’s possible this week so I can continue to reshape my shrinking body.  I’m going to keep going to this gym for another 6 months.  It’s SO good for my body, mind and spirit.  I’ll lose the last 20 lbs slowly and steadily.  At some point, I’d like to invest in a trainer and get down to 125 or 120.  I have artistic ideas (stories) that I want to get on film. (I haven’t even BEGUN to share these with you.)The camera is unforgivable in the weight department.

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https://thegreathighway.com/acoh0tc3 My goals continue onward.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you “failed.”  The only true failure is giving up.  Redefine your goal if the goal is too big.  Take it in smaller chunks.


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