Did I Make the Most of Loving You?

My last post mentions your big brother’s lady friend. She has such an unique name, I dare not mention it.  But we became famous friends when I met her this summer.  I told her about my trip to Europe and she was so sweet to look at all the pictures I took of the experience.  I told her about a TV show I loved called Downton Abbey which airs on PBS on Sunday nights.  Now, she is as addicted to it as I am.   It is about a rich family who lives in a beautiful castle in the south of England.  It features a lovely, but kinda snobby gal named Mary who falls in love with a country lawyer named, Matthew.  Of course, it takes quite a while for them to realize how completely in love they are.  Each of them struggles with watching the other “love” someone else.  And they realize if they are ever granted the chance to be together again, they will “Make the Most of Loving” their true sweetheart better in the future.  By the way, Bea – Older brother’s lady gets my Downton Abbey plates when I kick the bucket!  (I can’t help kidding you.)

Whenever I hear this song now, I want you to know – I think of loving you.  I think of loving you even better than I did before.  We will “make the most of summer days.”  I’ll “make the most of loving you” my sweet girls. I love you.  XXOO

Here is what Mary and Matthew make of this pledge to each other…